Debt Reduction


Are your debts spiraling out of control? Do creditors call and harass you for payment? Or do you just want the security of living debt free?

This tool will help you create a debt management plan that will show you how to potentially save thousands of dollars in interest payments and repay your debts much sooner that you would by just paying the minimum monthly amounts.

When to Use

Use this household budgeting calculator to:

  • Calculate how long it will take you to repay your debts at your present rate
  • Calculate the true cost of your debts by estimating the total interest you would pay
  • Create a Debt Reduction Plan
  • Calculate how much money you will save in interest payments by following your plan
  • Calculate when your debts will be completely paid off by following your plan

What information you will need

To effectively use this financial tool it is best to have the following on hand:

  • recent statements for all credit card
  • recent statements for store account or other installment credit
  • recent statement for medical bill debts that are paid on a monthly basis
  • mortgage statements
  • any other debts

Note: You do not need to have all this information to use the tool, but the more you have available, the more accurate the calculation.

Note: Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled in your web browser to use this calculator.

Enter your debts:

DebtAmt OwedAPRMin Payment

Your Current Status:

Total OwedAverage APRMonthly PaymentMonthly Interest
Date Paid OffTotal InterestInterest% of Owed

Time to Repay:

If I want to pay my debts off in: years and: months,
I will need to pay: each month.
And I will save: in interest or !

Repay Each Month:

If each month I can pay: .
I will pay off my debts in: .
And I will save: in interest or !

Note: Once you leave the website, all information is lost. We recommend you print out the Debt Reduction Schedule.